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What Do You Listen to While Editing Photos?

What Do You Listen to While Editing Photos?                                                                                                                                        www.JamieBodo.com


This has been a hot topic lately.  Every photographer at some point has despised the culling and editing process.  For me, it’s my indecision!  Sometimes I feel like it takes me too long to decide between two photos or actions that are similar!  It must be my Virgo tendencies; I’m always looking for perfection.  Well, I’ve found that certain activities help me relax and enjoy the process, and one of those activities is listening to audio books. 🙂

I wouldn’t really call myself “a book reader”.   I love learning new things & gravitate to books with pictures (haha), specifically How-To books.  To me, nothing is ever fully explained unless there is a picture illustrating it.    The best part, is the book never has to be finished.

Like most, I’ve seen the entire Twilight Series.  I’ve heard many people say that the books have so much more details that the movies just don’t have.  I accidentally came across the Twilight audio books in the library and thought, “why not?”  I didn’t have high expectations. I only listened to the audio books during the editing process &  was pleasantly surprised how it encouraged me to edit.  If I wanted to know what happened next, well, I’d have to get to work!

Recently I’ve been listening to The Hunger Games.  I saw the movie trailer to “Catching Fire” due out this November and decided that these would be my next set of audio books!  Again, definitely more details than the movie!  For those that are familiar, in the first book, Peeta actually looses his leg… I will say no more!  No more spoilers 🙂

Almost done with the last book but I’m saving it for my next edit.  🙂


What do you listen to while editing?


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5 responses to “What Do You Listen to While Editing Photos?”

  1. Debbie M says:

    I mainly listen to music on youtube like reggaeton, salsa, and dance music. I need something upbeat and dance worthy to get excited about editing. 🙂

  2. Denise Debrah says:

    Depend what mood I’m in, but usually Rock 🙂

  3. jenn says:

    funny how i just rewatched the hunger games last weekend! 😀 podcast and jazz!

  4. I am an old school R & B type of guy 🙂

  5. Jay says:

    Hans Zimmer 😀

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