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Olde Mill Inn NJ Wedding Photos

Olde Mill Inn NJ Wedding Photos                                                                                                                    www.JamieBodoPhotography.com                     732-579-9788


Becky and Charlie’s day began at The Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.  The girls were excited to get the day started!  I absolutely loved the rose gold sequins bridesmaids dresses by Sorella Vita!  Each bridesmaid had a different version of the same dress and it looked beautiful.  Meanwhile, the guys were upstairs in the main sweetheart room just drinking and not getting dressed, haha!  I loved how the groomsman brought their favorite football jerseys to wear later during the groomsman pictures!  Honestly, I think groomsman need to bring more props like this for all weddings, it makes it fun!  Once Becky was laced up in her dress, we went to the courtyard for the first look!

After many weeks of summer like weather, the wedding day was a bit cold, so we stayed in the courtyard for all of the bridal party and family pictures!  The predicted rain blew over and good people at the Olde Mill Inn began setting up for the ceremony to be outside in the courtyard!  Becky’s family dog was a part of the wedding and walked down the aisle!  Although they did a first look before the ceremony, I always try to shoot a traditional first look of the groom and Charlie was just so thoughtful during his!  You can tell he was completely “in the moment”!

During the ceremony, I couldn’t help but notice a cute little bird that was watching and a huge eagle like bird, flying overhead.  I felt like it meant something, like it symbolize something or someone and I thought it was sweet!  The couple exchanged rings, had their first kiss, and walked up the aisle with so much happiness on their faces!  During the awesome cocktail hour, I kept busy with all of the beautiful gold, rose gold, and blush details that Becky customized!  She had a huge candy station (that the kids attacked immediately, haha), a fun wooden heart guestbook, and custom signs and flowers everywhere!  After the introductions, first dance, parent dances, speeches and dinner, everyone dance all night long!  I started to wonder if the bar was serving red bull because I couldn’t believe that everyone had so much energy!  Congratulations Charlie & Becky!


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Brides Dress: Maggie Sottero

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Brides Earings: Swarovski

Bridesmaids Dresses: Sorella Vita in Vintage Rose Gold



Olde Mill Inn NJ Wedding Photos

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5 responses to “Olde Mill Inn NJ Wedding Photos”

  1. Alex says:

    Beautiful Olde Mill Inn wedding, Jamie! Love all the pretty details 🙂

  2. ernie padaon says:

    wedding was gorgeous. great job capturing the details for their day

  3. You captured all the details, and her wedding day at the Olde Mill Inn perfectly. I love it all. NJ is lucky to have you.

  4. Heather says:

    Such pretty details and the bride’s shoes…love! Beautiful photography for these stunning wedding!

  5. Becky says:

    If only there was the option to rate 100 stars! Words cannot express how happy we were with Jamie as our wedding photographer! She is a true artist and absolutely fantastic at her job. I booked Jamie only 3 months out from our wedding, and even though we did not meet until my wedding day (my fault, not hers!), it felt like we knew her our whole life. She is so prepared with all the pre-planning and timelines for the day, things you don’t even think of until she brings it up a few weeks prior to the wedding. I sent her some pictures on pintrest a few days before the wedding and she was able to re-enact them all to look exactly the way I wanted. Everything ran so smoothly and it was all because of her preparedness. She is a true asset to the industry and anyone would be lucky to have her help in your special day.
    Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, 2 DAYS after the wedding, she put together the most adorable, sneak peek video with at least 150 shots from the wedding with the most amazing background music. 2 days after!!!! My husband and I must have watched it 150 times on our honey moon. This video was almost 4 minutes long and it made me not regret not getting a videographer, as this video captured all the most important parts of the wedding.
    But then, it got better!!!!!!!! 3 weeks after the wedding, Jamie had all the digital photos done and posted for me to download. I expected the photos to be ready with 45-60 days, never did I expect 3 weeks. And the photos were more than I ever could have hoped for, she managed to capture all the little details that I spent months working on, as well as facial expressions and candid moments. My husband and I are not “center of attention people” and Jamie made sure to not have it awkward for us, she took a lot of candid photos to capture the day for us.
    Jamie truly is an award winning photographer and I will be sure to recommend her to anyone. I really could not ask for any better quality or service.

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