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Jamie’s Canon Wedding Equipment

Jamie’s Canon Wedding Equipment                                                                                                                             www.JamieBodoPhotography.com

I often get asked by photographers & future Grooms (haha), what kind of equipment I will use during a wedding day.  It’s an overwhelming list to say the least!  On the wedding day, I carry a minimum of 2 cameras (maximum of 3) each equipped with a unique lens. I use a Cotton Carrier which enables me to carry 2 cameras ON me at all times without hurting my back so much 🙂
I use TWO: Canon 5D Mark 4’s (shown below are my recently replaced  Canon 5D Mark 3’s)

NYC Central Park Wedding Photos_0032


For lighting, I have 5 Flashes, but typically use 3 during the reception, as well as the entire Magmod system to modify the light as needed.

Below are my THREE: Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT flashes and with the MagBeam, MagSphere, MagSnoot and 2 grids.

Jamies Canon Wedding Equipment

Below are my TWO Yongnuo 600EXrt-II flashes both holding two MagBounce modifiers.  I love the Yongnuos because the menu is 100% identical as well as compatible with my 3 Canon flashes!

Jamies Canon Wedding Equipment



Below are my 10 lenses; 5 are prime lenses & 5 are zoom lenses.  Without giving a full photography lesson; prime lenses are far superior to zoom lenses for many reasons.  They just produce this beautiful, creamy-dreamy “LOOK” and are incredible in low light environments (i.e your indoor church ceremony ~or~ your low light reception).

Jamies Canon Wedding Equipment

My Primes:

Canon 24mm f/1.4 II

Canon 50mm f/1.2

Canon 85mm f/1.2 II

Canon 100mm Macro f/2.8 IS (This is used to get detailed closeups of your rings!)

Canon 135mm f/2.0

Jamies Canon Wedding Equipment

My Zooms:

Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 (This ultra wide gets great shots of everyone on the dance floor!)

Canon 24-70 f/2.8 II

Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II (produces gorgeous shots like a prime!)

Canon 24-105mm IS f/4  (my excellent emergency backup!)

Canon 17-40mm f/4 (ultra wide backup)!

Jamies Canon Wedding Equipment



Backup Equipment

Finally, we have my backup equipment (which everyone photographing a wedding should have)! As backups I have One: Canon 7D and Two: Canon 5D Originals.  Also, I have two backup flashes; a Canon 580EX II and a Canon 430EX.

NYC Central Park Wedding Photos_0031


Jamie’s Canon Wedding Equipment



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12 responses to “Jamie’s Canon Wedding Equipment”

  1. Amanda says:

    Great idea for a post! I have people ask me what equipment I use all the time too.

  2. Hannah says:

    Great idea for a post!

  3. Rebecca Anne says:

    Awesome post! I need to do one like this too! Great for brides to see you are actually thinking through all the details!

  4. Edward Waters says:

    You have an excellent selection of equipment. I love your artistic style. I will be contacting you shortly to hire you as my photographer.

  5. Great post Jamie! You have a phenomenal setup. And we have very similar taste in lenses – I love my 24 and 70-200 as well. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing what’s in your bag. Now I know some more things I can look forward to purchasing in the future;))

  7. Awesome! I’m a Canon girl too. I’ve often wondered s out the 17-40. I have the new 24-70 and 50 1.2 and wondering what should be my next purchase. We have the 7D and 5D Mark III and are very happy with the combo.

  8. Amazing post. It’s always nice to put it out there what gear you have. I actually own the same bracket but haven’t used it in years.

  9. Anna Gordon says:

    Awesome post, thanks for sharing! I totally agree with you about the primes…love them!

  10. Jenna Leigh says:

    LOVE this – even as a nikon user – this is a perfect example of all the gear that goes into a wedding!

  11. I love posts about gear 🙂 It’s interesting to me to hear what other photogs use to shoot weddings. It’s hard for most people to understand why we need so much equipment, but every different lens has it’s use!! And I’m sure i’ll always have something on my wishlist 🙂

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