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How to have a Successful Photography Business & Life

How to have a Successful Photography Business & Life

I really MUST quote this article I found.  I think it’s pure genius.  As I read this, I thought of several people that have come & gone in my life.  Like the writer states; this doesn’t only apply to photography….. it applies to everyday life.

…..”If you want to become a big name photographer  …the most important trait is something that I don’t think I can fully explain with a couple of words. This trait has nothing to do with photography specifically, it has everything to do with success in general. Successful people are “Do’ers.” By that I mean successful people accomplish things. In many cases it doesn’t even matter what they do, they just have to do something, anything, over and over again. “Talented” people take initiative to do, create, or start something. The average person doesn’t actually do anything themselves; they go to work, they do what they are told, and then they come home and watch tv and get ready for the next day of work. Successful people see a problem and then fix it. They have an idea and they create something. Think about the people that you look up to in your life. You probably admire them because they have done something unique or different or they do something specific very well.

The average person is a talker.  They claim to be smart, they claim to be talented and they claim to have great ideas. But they also always have an excuse about why they aren’t doing anything. Don’t you know a person that is always planning something big but their big ideas never turn out? Every time you talk to them they have given up on the last idea but this new idea is “it” and this time it’s really going to work. You probably have very little respect for this person because each time someone promises you something and then can’t deliver you lose a little bit of faith in them. It’s always easier to “talk” than it is to “do.” These same people are the ones that will sit back and look at other people who are doing things and talk bad about them or their projects. These are the people that love to visit websites like ours and attack the writers or the photographers in the articles for not doing a good enough job. The truth is, successful people don’t have enough time to hate on other people because they are too busy doing things- like making money.

If there is one thing you take away from this article let it be this: stop talking and start doing.”

This article can be found at: http://fstoppers.com/the-photographers-you-idolize-are-no-better-than-you

I can not praise these words of wisdom enough.

Prallsville Mill Wedding Photographer Jamie Bodo Photo

I shot a wedding at Prallsville Mill in Stockton.  We had planned to take photos along the Delaware River and other spots on the property.  Before we ventured out, I specifically wanted to get them in the second floor doorway of the venue & for this, we needed the manager to unlock the door.  I took my photo and at some point, the manager asked me if I wanted to take the same picture of them in the doorway but from the inside.  I said, “……… OKAY!”  I thought it was a great suggestion and was so happy she mentioned it.  Later that day, I was chatting with that manager.  She eventually brought up how I was the first photographer that didn’t chew her out for her photo suggestion.  “REALLY?”  What a missed opportunity that would have been had I acted like a  “prima donna, better-than-anybody-else photographer” aka “talkers”.


Prallsville Mill Wedding Photographer 2 Jamie Bodo Photo

The article I quoted is very inspiring & I think it could be a pivotal moment, an epiphany, for those that read it.  I personally dislike Gaussian Blur, but you won’t find me making a facebook page with 10,000 followers so we can all hate on it together.  I just don’t have time for that.  I’m not a “talker”.  I’d much rather spend my time learning how to improve my SEO, picking out new pictures to add to my website, or networking with other friendly photographers 🙂

BE NICE!!!  It’s not that hard <3 www.JamieBodoPhotography.com <3


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15 responses to “How to have a Successful Photography Business & Life”

  1. Rebecca Anne says:

    This was the perfect thing for me to read after the blog I wrote on success the other day. You just put words to the thoughts and things I’ve been thinking and doing but couldn’t explain! I love this. Such an inspiration. And THANK YOU for linking to me! You are so sweet. And I love that black and white image! 🙂

  2. Jenna Leigh says:

    LOVE this quote, I might have to steal it. It is so so so true. Fabulous!

  3. Amy says:

    Great post! The quote is so true!

  4. Very wise words, in a nutshell this is how I finally stepped up and did what it took to become a photographer – enough dreaming, more doing! Thanks so much for the shout-out, ReSTARt was great but it’s the gift that keeps on giving with the people I’m meeting 🙂

  5. This is great. AND those images are great! That building is magnificent. I agree with you, it’s easy to stand our ground and say we know what we’re doing BUT the woman may have seen that image so many times before and wished for someone else to see it. Thank you for sharing that article, it’s wonderful for all.

  6. Ray says:

    Inspirational indeed… and it all seems so SIMPLE and logical, eh?!

  7. lin says:

    Thanks for sharing. It’s very inspirational!

  8. I totally agree with you! I really appreciate the people in my life who encourage me and help me to take all my crazy ideas to the next level. I can think of two people, mostly my amazing husband and my friend Teri. It’s amazing what a little encouragement can do. Thanks for the idea and thanks also for the shout out!! Gretchen

  9. Amanda says:

    I LOVED this post!!! So true! And I thought it was really nice of you to highlight a couple other photographers! That’s a true professional!!

  10. Kelly Lemon says:

    Great post! I love that you took the initiative and effort to get them in the window on the 2nd floor. So often people just settle with whats convenient around them, love that you took the time for that shot!

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