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Clerks Jay and Silent Bob Mini Trip

Clerks Jay and Silent Bob Mini Trip

I think most of us have seen or heard of the the movie CLERKS (if you haven’t, it’s on Netflix; go watch it now!)  The movie was shot in Leonardo, NJ just off Route 36 and for over a year, I had been driving to Sandy Hook to swim in the ocean and had no idea I was driving right past this place!  I have to admit; I was a little intimidated to go inside. So when a friend of mine suggested this mini-road trip, I didn’t hesitate 😉

Before heading to the Quick Stop, we visited Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash; a comic book store owned by “Silent Bob”—FYI, Silent Bob is the one who wrote & filmed the movie “Clerks” and many others thereafter.  He wasn’t there.  I didn’t take any photos inside out of respect, but it appears he’s there regularly (either that or he has someone else to autograph his books and posters, lol). Besides comics, there were many pieces of Clerks 2 & Dogma movie memorabilia on display. Still, I didn’t take pictures (I truly would make a HORRIBLE Paparazzi- I just don’t have it in me).





This clown sign was in the opening of Clerks 2 (had no idea till my friend pointed it out)  This is somewhere on Route 35.



Finally, we arrived at the Quick Stop.  Armed with my ultra wide 17-40mm lens, my friend stood against the infamous wall and I snapped away!  I was a little concerned that someone might ask us to leave; after all, I couldn’t possibly be the first person in 20 years to do this.  I’d image after 20 long years, it’d get annoying?  Well, nothing happened, however I also didn’t waste any time!




Quick Stop Clerks Store Photo


We went inside and figured if we went this far, we might as well recreate the “milk maid” scene…..

Quick Stop Clerks Milk Maid Photo

I think the Quick Stop would be a great addition to an Engagement Session!  Anyway, I had fun.  After this, I headed to the beach 🙂

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5 responses to “Clerks Jay and Silent Bob Mini Trip”

  1. This is awesome Jamie! I am feeling a road trip in my future 🙂

  2. LOVED Clerks, I had no idea it was an actual store, how cool!

  3. Rebecca Anne says:

    Hahaha that is so fun! 🙂

  4. I haven’t seen the movie but it looks interesting. I think its cool to find locations where movies have been filmed.

  5. Katie says:

    I haven’t seen Clerks but now I want to for sure! Such a fun post!!

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