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Brooklake Country Club Wedding

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This beautiful, all day Indian Wedding took place at the Brooklake Country Club in Florham Park NJ.  There was never a dull moment, with all the different symbolic ceremonies, colors, happiness & food!  I second shot this wedding for Idalia Photography.  All of the ceremonies took place at the venue, first was the arrival of the groom in his car with everyone in front dancing and celebrating!  When he got to the door, his saw his soon-to-be wife was presented to him!  Soon was the ceremony under the gazebo where many rituals were performed for their prosperity and good luck! After, the couple went outside to symbols the bride “leaving home” and things got a little emotional!  After the hugs, the couple got into the car, ran over a coconut, drove around the parking lot and came back!  They came back in and did something similar to a broom jumping ritual.

Finally, their rings were put into a milky-red liquid where they were to hunt for the rings!  Then the second part of the day, everyone got dressed again in traditional American garments and they met in the garden for their first look!  It was a beautiful summer day on the golf course for pictures!  Cocktail hour was full of various foods and signature drinks.  As the reception began, everyone was introduced, followed by the first dance, speeches, then right into the cake cutting!  Before the energetic party got started, first there was a 21-person dance performance!  The rest of the night was non-stop dancing and celebrating!

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Brooklake Country Club Wedding

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  1. Susan says:

    Lovely! Love all the bright colors!

  2. Kristina says:

    These are great! Love that we got a glimpse of their traditions!

  3. The colors in your photos are always so pretty! Beautiful wedding!

  4. Joanna says:

    What a colorful wedding. Lovely!!

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