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Alice Austen House Wedding {Amy + David}

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This Alice Austen House Wedding was on a perfectly sunny day!  The view of the city and Verrazano Bridge was truly to die for!  The ceremony took place outdoors with a crystal clear view of Manhattan as a backdrop.  The bride had a locket on her bouquet with her absent mothers photograph inside.  There were many moments where there wasn’t a single dry eye!

The museum is dedicated to Alice Austen’s work as a photographer during the turn of the Century!  After the very important family portraits, Amy and David went to the many scenic spots on the property for their couple portraits!  After, we walked to the reception; their friends home just a block away!  The setting and decorations were so inviting and inspiring!  They had yummy fruity signature drinks with the cutest details!  Congratulations Amy and David!

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Alice Austen House Wedding

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7 responses to “Alice Austen House Wedding {Amy + David}”

  1. love these, especially the way you set the scene in the first few.

  2. amanda reid says:

    What an adorable couple! great DIY too!

  3. What a gorgeous spot for a wedding! And i love all their details – so pretty! Beautiful work capturing their day!

  4. Candy Acosta says:

    I’m in love with the photos where the bridge is behind them. Great job!

  5. Ashley says:

    That is such a cool wedding venue! I love their couple portraits – you photographed this wedding beautifully!

  6. That last photo is pretty sweet!!

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