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A day at the beach and a Red moon!

A day at the beach {and a Red moon}!                                                                                                              www.JamieBodo.com


So for the past 5 consecutive weeks, it’s felt like autumn outside.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it just hasn’t been hot enough to spend a day at the beach!  Well, I decided since today was *almost* 87 degrees, that I’d take advantage and go swimming!

I decided to take a camera with me which I almost never do, because sand is camera suicide.  I was careful though 🙂  Everyday, the sunset at Sandy Hook is always a lovely red.  Unfortunately the only day in August that is swim-worthy on the only day this year I take my camera to the beach; is the same day the clouds covered the sunset!  Pfffft, oh well!  However, the story doesn’t end here….

Felling a bit defeated, I decided to cut my losses and leave.  As I was making my way to the parking lot, I noticed that a portion of the sky was all red!  But dang it, the trees were in the way.  By accident, I turned the opposite direction and noticed the giant red moon!  JACKPOT!  With elbows on my trunk, my lungs full of air and Image Stabilization on my lens, I took these photos handheld (which is not easy)!


Canon 5D original   ISO 1600  f/2.8 @ 1/100  (& 1/60)



New Jersey Wedding Photographer Jamie Bodo


So glad I had my camera during this rare event 🙂




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10 responses to “A day at the beach and a Red moon!”

  1. Beth M. says:

    Awesome!!! I only got blue moon shots. I would have loved some red shots.

  2. Very cool, need to try this sometime!

  3. I love the moon pictures! I always wanted to capture golden red moon picture one day. Great inspiration!

  4. Amanda Burns says:

    They are all fantastic, but I love the first one!

  5. This is beautiful. Nice work.

  6. shannon says:

    Beautiful capture, It sure pays to carry your camera everywhere

  7. Whitney Lane says:

    We all had night-time photography thoughts! I love this

  8. Leon Bailey says:

    That is so cool! I’ve always wanted to take shots of the moon. One day I’ll stop being lazy and rent an extra long lens. lol!

  9. These are breathtaking!!!! Fabulous girl!

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